Launching Change

What Have You Left Unfulfilled?

As we get closer to the final quarter of the year, what gifts and dreams of yours have you abandoned? How would you feel five years from now if they were still unlived? Maybe you’ve always wanted to teach a class or take up painting again – or there’s a book...

What Have You Left Unfulfilled?

From Overwhelm to Smooth Sailing

As the new year unfolds, are you feeling overwhelmed with everything you intend to do? Life is certainly more complicated than it used to be. With all the systems to maintain, options to chose from, and details to manage, we have a huge abundance of possible...

Smooth Sailing

Reflection and Re-emergence

A common theme I’ve been hearing lately is a sense of re-emergence as we start to return to almost normal as the coronavirus numbers go down. It’s like the start of a new year, but on a bigger scale. What has shifted for you and who you are becoming? It would be...

Reflection and Re-emergence

Is Your Inner Perfectionist Out of Control?

We all have an inner perfectionist inside us. The question is, is your perfectionist in balance with your authentic self, or does it rule your life? Here are a few indicators that your perfectionist is out of control: • When preparing for a presentation, you...

Am I Good Enough