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David Meyer, CFO of Clear Change Group, has over 40 years of practical business experience as CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, business owner, entrepreneur, inventor, teacher, lifelong student, and Senior Financial Outcome Analyst. David offers business intelligence solutions consulting to our clients, including such services as financial analysis, business systems optimization, accounting and tech support.

He has a passion for assisting leaders, corporations, organizations and groups to rapidly manifest their company vision and the ultimate outcomes of their mission, within the limitations of their currently available resources.

In order to deliver transformative results, David’s work goes beyond the numbers to coach professionals and business leaders in how to achieve integrity and congruency in their work and personal lives. By identifying, integrating and/or eliminating unconscious patterns that have held his clients back for years, he is able to free up their capacity to fulfill their ultimate desired outcomes.

In addition to his work with Clear Change Group, David serves leaders and organizations as the President of Business Intelligence Solutions, Inc., a financial analysis, metrics, forecasting systems and database consulting company. He assists the leaders of corporations in the creation of “living forecasts” that provide the predictive analytics and optimal path for large organizations to achieve their mission.

David’s client list includes: Federal Home Loan Bank San Francisco, Wells Fargo Bank, Pacific Gas & Electric, Intuit, Trading Systems Project (Ed Seykota), Choice Alternative Investments (Tom Vician), Viacom, GTE, Woodruff Sawyer, Coaches Training Institute, Condor Earth Technologies, AC Transit, KLA Tencor, ROLS, Waste Management, DVDO, Silicon Image, Hayward Unified School District, Quality Semiconductor, Cephied, City of Belmont, Nancy’s Specialty Foods, Revelwood, Seiko Instruments, Brown & Caldwell, HearMe, Mpath, Locus Technology, PLX Technology, Vitria Technology, Castro Valley School District, Oak Creek Counseling Center, United Green Mark, Aids Hospice, and more.

David’s technical education includes: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, systems development and design, VB & VBA programming, OLAP & SQL databases, and trading systems. He also does development and beta testing of business and trading software systems. He is a graduate of many human behavior and motivation trainings, such as: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EST, Landmark, Actualizations, Sedona Method, Tony Robbins, Silva Mind Control, Science of Mind, Muktananda, TM, Yoga, Aikido, Kinesiology, fire walking and others.

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Client Testimonials

David has been a godsend. He transformed my level of visibility into cash flow and business health. David has learned the ins and outs of my businesses very rapidly as well as given me great advice to keep it healthier. He has also taken on accounting processes I do not enjoy; that has freed me up to generate more revenue and do a great job for clients. In addition to accounting, he helped me set up a new computer and work through that upheaval far more smoothly and quickly than I’d imagined. Even when I am feeling frustrated and crabby, David is always patient and professional. I recommend David very highly.

Julie Fraser, Inyo Advisors, Inc

David has assisted us to get very organized and to stream line our processes and systems. He has high integrity standards and I trust our financial statements and projections much more than I ever have in the past. He is great at high level “what if” scenarios, presenting possible options, very detailed at what has to be done to achieve goals and follows up with implementation of proposals. He has recommended a number of cost cutting and revenue increasing ideas, and has been very sage counsel for greatly improving our business. David delivers promises on time.

The results achieved in the last two years working with David speak for themselves.

Revenue increased 43%
Expenses decreased 18%
Net Income increased 117%

Needless to say we are very happy and would highly recommend David Meyer at Business Intelligence Solutions.

Russ Mabardy, Mabardy Properties

It is with great pleasure that I will be able to share some of my work experience with David Meyer. I have known David since 2007. We worked closely together on several projects where his excellent skills in financial forecasting have allowed the company to realize various avenues of potential income. He has a strong work ethic and is very detail oriented. What I appreciate most about David is the fact that he is creative and thinks outside the box.

When I created my own company, I relied on David’s vision and forecasting. Once the market had changed for selling our product several years later, David, through his constant market analysis, was able to quickly realize the need to close the company. This has saved me a lot of money.

By hiring David Meyer into your organization, you will be miles ahead of the competition.

Brigitte Stafford, Sierra Rescue Tools, Inc.