Purpose Impact: To build bridges of transformation from the heavens to the new earth.
Global Mission: To midwife the new paradigm.

Tom Rausch is a leadership coach and organizational culture change consultant with 30 years of practical business experience. Tom started his career in training and development, first at a trade association and later leading a sales training function for a division of a Fortune 500 company. In the mid 90s, he left the corporate world to co-found, grow, and later sell two successful companies.

As a culture consultant, Tom is adept at helping organizations identify the levers that will help the organization evolve to the next level. As a leadership coach, he helps senior teams create increased cohesion and collaboration while developing their teams to meet and exceed their goals.

Tom’s keystone value is love of learning. A passionate teacher and avid learner, he is valued in the boardroom for his creative perspective on familiar challenges. As a student, he’s always looking for new insights to drive continual improvement. As a trainer & coach, he’s admired for being able to bring clarity to complex situations.

He believes life is for living passionately, and his passion is to make a difference in the world by working with business leaders to find new ways to connect deeply with employees, allowing the creative expression of the grandest vision of the greatest version of who they are – both as business teammates and as people.

Tom holds several certifications including: Coach Training Alliance, Mastermind Executive Coach, Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach, True Purpose Coach,  Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools and Appreciative Inquiry.

When not working on Clear Change Group projects, Tom is helping leaders and organizations through Tier1 Performance Solutions and teaching at the True Purpose Institute.

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