Audrey Seymour MA MCC, Founder and Principal

Purpose Impact: To open up clarity and flow for those who have a mission but can’t see which way to go.
Global Mission: To open up the circulating flow of humanity’s collective genius.

Since 2003, Audrey has guided hundreds of mission-based leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations internationally to greater clarity of purpose and alignment so they can maximize their impact in the world.

Audrey brings a diverse background to her coaching and consulting work, with expertise in both analytic and intuitive disciplines. Prior to founding Clear Change Group, she spent over twenty years as a software development manager and lead engineer building 3D graphics, geophysics modeling and biotech applications at Autodesk, Sega, Woodward-Clyde Consultants and GeneLogic among others, plus six years as Vice President and teacher at Speaking Circles International. She also has over four decades of experience with inner work and presence-based inquiry.

In addition to her work at Clear Change Group, Audrey is on the teaching team at the True Purpose Institute, specializing in the True Purpose® Coach Training and the True Purpose® Organizational Consultant Training. She is also a member of the Leader Team at the True Purpose Institute, with responsibilities including managing the TPI website.

Audrey has been certified by the Coaches Training Institute, the Career Coach Institute, the Center for Appreciative Inquiry, the Barrett Values Center, Speaking Circles International, the True Purpose Institute, and is a Coach Mentor for the International Coaching Federation, holding their highest level Master Certified Coach credential. In addition, she’s a trained Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Her 18 years of study in the Diamond Approach of the Ridhwan School also bring a depth of understanding to the practice of presence-based inquiry.

She’s always been curious about the nature of things, from the smallest detail to the largest perspective. Astronomy was her first love, and it led her to degrees in Mathematics with a minor in Physics at the California Institute of Technology and University of California at Berkeley. While in school Audrey discovered martial arts and earned a black belt in Shotokan Karate.

After 40 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Audrey recently moved with her husband to the beautiful big nature setting of Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho.

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Coaching Client Testimonials

Chris Pryor“I was deeply stuck at a career crossroads when I started working with Audrey. By the time we finished I had absolute clarity on the direction I wanted to take my career, in a way that didn’t feel possible before we started. We dug in to so much more than just my career direction in our sessions, helping me find strengths I’d been searching for for many years that had been elusively invisible to me. I recommend her without reservation!”

Chris Pryor, Senior User Experience Designer

“Audrey Seymour transformed my life. She exemplifies the radical power of coaching to change lives. Two years ago I was miserable at a startup company. My work/life balance was off, my pay was awful, and I was not living within my life’s purpose. I turned to Audrey for help.

“Together, we mapped out what my perfect year would look like, to engineer a life of integrity and peak experiences. Today, thanks to Audrey’s transformative work, I am now an inventor who is paid to do what I love. My peers respect me, I have ample room for spiritual reflection and travel, and I regularly meet with major companies to consult with them on invention and computers.

“I now live within my life’s purpose. If you want to change your existence, I encourage you to contact Audrey without hesitation.”

Brad Neuberg, Inventor and Software Engineer

Farina Chinoy“Audrey was a very effective and brilliant coach! She’s sharp, insightful, organized and positive, which helped me achieve my goals of feeling more empowered, gaining great clarity about my life purpose, keeping me motivated and holding me accountable. I was able to make great strides with regard to my life purpose and career objectives. She helped me integrate various ‘stuck’ and fearful parts of myself so that I could turn my dreams into concrete achievable steps.

“When I started work with Audrey I had a general, somewhat abstract sense of my life purpose, which turned into feeling focused, confident and clear by the time we finished our work. I whole-heartedly recommend her!”

Farina Chinoy, PhD, Psychologist and Integrative Coach

Ben Beecher“Working with Audrey was a wonderful experience. She helped me move forward from a difficult challenge and begin to clarify my next steps. Audrey is organized, empathetic, and a joy to talk to. I can’t recommend her enough to help find purpose and direction out of ambiguity.”

Ben Beecher,  Cofounder and CTO, Lightmatter

Elisa Negroni“I cannot say enough about Audrey – I was stuck for years in all areas of my business – Audrey helped me gain clarity the direction I wanted to take my business, my message, programs I wanted to create, who I wanted to work with, and what I wanted my website to be.

“For the first time in years I feel inspired, motivated and excited. I would still be struggling had I not found her! I highly recommend Audrey to anyone who wants to gain clarity and move their business forward. She is compassionate, caring and insightful.”

Elisa Negroni, Owner of Power 2 Speak

“Audrey was the perfect guide for my purpose journey — seasoned and wise in her questions and support, but joy-filled and fun-loving in how she celebrated with me as I came to new insights and conclusions about my purpose. She has a gift of simplifying complex concepts into digestible pieces of information so you can integrate them into your life — not just learn about them as distant concepts.

“I really enjoyed this process and have so many notes and ideas for continued reflection, as well as an articulated purpose statement to work with throughout the rest of my life. That feels really good to know and have access to! If you’re committed to digging into your purpose, I can’t recommend Audrey highly enough.”

— Shelley Prevost, EdD, Big Self School  Co-Founder, Psychologist, Leadership Coach

Ben Hart, The Shift Network“I brought Audrey in when I wanted to reach the next level of creativity and expression of my purpose.  I appreciate the clarity and depth Audrey brought, guiding me to a deeper understanding of my unique gifts as well as supporting me in up-leveling many aspects of my life. She particularly brought expertise to my evolution around focus, time management and workflow systems, which significantly transformed what I and my team are able to accomplish in a given day and in the long term.

“My daily practices and connection with inner wisdom are now flowing in a way that the choices I make are purposeful and fulfilling, and I feel that I am living in alignment with my greatest vision, which will continue to unfold. Plus in our time together, both my income and role in my organization expanded greatly.”

Ben Hart, VP of Marketing at the Shift Network

“Audrey has been exceptional in helping me to get clear about my purpose and how to tie this into my business. She also facilitated the “aha’s” that have reconnected me to the essence of what I’m great at. She brought out my best skills and talents and showed me how to apply these to clarify my message to make marketing a force for good.”

Leesa Hubbard, Digital Marketing Expert and Strategist, LeesaHubbard.com

“I came to know Audrey when she was a coach in several of the Shift Network courses I took. I was impressed with how she helped me bridge the class concepts to the practical, so I could apply what I learned in a meaningful way. I engaged her to bring clarity to articulating, communicating and aligning with my purpose. Working with Audrey is a wonderful dynamic collaboration.

“Based on our work together, my marketing is more on target with my purpose. I gained deeper understanding and integration of multiple dimensions of my personal and business purposes. Ultimately I experienced a profound transformational change in my approach to life and work, and the transformation continues to unfold.”

Rick Rodgers, Founder  of The Resource Network

“Audrey helped me find the focus and momentum I needed to launch my business in the midst of a major life transition.  Without her I never could have organized all the pieces that I needed in order to have systems and a plan in place.

“I was able to capture the perfect language for my brand in my business name, marketing copy for my website and one-sheet. Perhaps most importantly, I felt held by her deep listening — she really ‘got’ me and that made all the difference.”

Karen Solomon, Professional Speaker and Owner of Success Appeal Image Consulting

“After working with Audrey, I feel I can tackle any obstacle because I now have the tools. I have several systems in place allowing me to put my hands on whatever I need quickly and easily. There’s a lot less stress in my life; I’ve learned better self-care and more effective planning strategies. Ultimately, she showed me how to find what called me from the inside, and then how to lay out the steps to execute on that vision.”

Scott Butler, CFO and Author

“Audrey’s intuitive wisdom and razor sharp inquiry helped me make sense of myself. She consistently and compassionately mirrored back to me my true nature. The clarity I found from working with Audrey has opened me up to a wealth of creativity.

“With Audrey’s steady guidance, I successfully launched a business using the Speaking Circles® approach to assist individuals in dissolving their fear of speaking in public. I have become part of a collective that facilitates earth-based programs. I am writing children’s books and currently learning how to make documentaries.

“Thanks to my work with Audrey, for the first time, I feel my life has begun to synthesize in such a way that I can make the most of my gifts.

“My purpose work with Audrey was more like play than work. What was different from her methods and those I had already established for myself was the level of focus and formality involved with directly asking for my life purpose to be revealed from within me.

“Audrey showed me how to make peace with my fears and only then would my Soul respond clearly. And the answers keep coming! I’ve discovered what my essential gifts are and I feel my life is now aligned with my true purpose.

“I have much more vitality, joy, ease and flow. This work with Audrey has played an important role in transforming my whole life.”

Sahara Chaldean, Vision Quest Guide and Speaking Circle® Facilitator

“Thank you Audrey for your presence, compassion, perspectives and insights. With your radiant heart and mind, you continued to connect me with my vision, and you shepherded me into seeing and choosing steps to manifesting it.  In our process together, you provided the space for me receive my own gifts and become fully self expressed. Your work is a service to the world of transformation.”

Anna Sontag, Founder, Visionary and President of Full Life Programs

“You’re a great sounding board. After working with you, I was significantly more resourced and recalibrated. You helped me cut through a lot of internal resistance. Once we removed the resistance, everything started to flow — and you did it in such a deft way. I even met my six-month objectives one month early! The difference between now and when we started is like night and day.”

Mayank Patel, President of Software Consulting firm 3Jalapenos.Com

“I came to Audrey for help moving my tutoring practice from being simply a form of self-employment to being a true, lucrative business. She helped me through the process of developing my vision and to lay out a weekly plan of action. She helped hold me accountable to the various action items in a very positive and supportive manner. Audrey was invaluable in helping me take my raw, creative ideas for my business and find various paths that could make those ideas reality.

“After just a few months of Audrey’s help, my business is steaming ahead with many new clients. Thanks to Audrey I have a systematic structure to hold all the pieces of my tutoring practice together – daily operations, marketing and business development. Audrey was always a pleasure to work with and I will be referring her to my colleagues.”

David Porter, Leverage Tutoring

“Audrey has helped me step out into the business world in a new way. For years I was freelancing and scrambling around from one job to the next. I wanted to change that and work with my core group on a regular basis, on my terms. Working with Audrey helped me to redefine and try on a few different types while adding a measure of rigor and process to seeing what worked. I’m only a year into my vision, but honestly – I’m up & running, having met my goals and learning to analyze and assess along the way. Thank you Audrey!”

L.E., Executive Producer

“After working with Audrey, I have much more order, balance, and vibrancy in my life and work. Now I can set better boundaries with my teams and follow self-care practices which have become sustainable changes.  Ultimately I feel better prepared to do what I’m here to do, which is what matters most. I am so grateful!”

Diana Smith, President Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living

“Business had been declining for several years and I was running in the red for the past two years.  After I hired Audrey, I immediately had my first profitable quarter since 2009!  For the first time I have a renewed sense of what I’m doing. I’m following a new business plan and marketing plan and all my creative resourcefulness is engaged. I’m excited about the future and the added advantage I can offer my customers.”
Dana Duesenberg, Owner Dana’s Decorating Studio 

“Audrey really helped me to find my life purpose (at long last!). I’ve been self-employed for the last 25 years, but never knew or trusted if I was doing the right thing.  I’ve made some terrible decisions based on desired outcomes and monetary goals, because I rarely paid attention to the desires of my heart and spirit. That was the missing key to my life path.

“Audrey is patient and totally kept me ‘on path’ every step of the way. It was truly a journey to find out what I’m really here on this planet to do.  Her perseverance and guidance helped make the process easy and even fun through the really difficult, emotional stuff  that was in the way.

“I KNOW I am on my path now–my website is almost up, my ducks are all in a row, my business, legal, and creative partners are picked out, and I feel certain I am going in the perfect direction for ME, while beginning to help many other people as a by-product.

“The process Audrey did with me in a matter of months could have taken me another 20 years of self-questioning and soul-searching on my own!  I can keep going on my path right now and not spend any more years trying to figure it out. I’m certain I have all the information I need to go forward, and swiftly. Audrey helped me discover what ‘certain’ was. It feels good.”

Charylu Roberts, Music Publisher

“Audrey is one of the best listeners I’ve ever met in my life, bar none. She was both supportive and non-judgmental. She helped me to think expansively and reminded me that by viewing obstacles and challenges differently they become opportunities. I was able to formulate concrete and measurable goals for my business, and to clarify what was most important to me in my brand, specialty, niches, and natural market.”

Bob Love, Discovery Coach

“The work Audrey and I did together helped me gain clarity about my career direction. She gave me an excellent balance of both structure and support. I felt motivated by our work and decided to get a Masters in Organization Development from Pepperdine, which was a marvelous program. Working with Audrey greatly contributed to my growth and eased my transition from Marketing to OD.”

David Callen, Organization Development Consultant

“Audrey’s guidance has made a profound difference in my quest, this time around, for more meaning in my worklife. She is able to bring the focus of our sessions to the key question or issue that I need to explore more deeply in the moment, to find my truth. Through her compassionate and intuitive coaching—indeed through her full presence—I am learning to recognize and trust my inner voice. Her style of coaching is very empowering, and within four months some significant shifts are already taking place.”

— Joanie Boyle, Business Systems Analyst

“Through insightful inquiry, compassionate listening, and wise counsel, Audrey helped me find within myself the resources I needed to move forward in my life in new and exciting ways. I was tired of simply working for a paycheck and wanted to create a life where I am generating income doing work that I love.

“I knew I would need help in making this shift, and I was drawn to Audrey’s unique integration of spiritual presence and practical career coaching expertise. Through my work with Audrey I have been able to clarify my goals and objectives, gain the courage and confidence to take new risks, and formulate a practical plan of action.

“In a few short months, my life has changed dramatically. I have a new part time job that fits my needs perfectly, is aligned with my purpose and passion, and that allows me the freedom to develop my new career path as a spiritual counselor and dreamwork facilitator. I have Audrey to thank for helping me cross this major threshhold in my life.”

Joanne Lefferts, Science of Mind Practitioner

“At age 53 I was laid off from my job of 5 years. What I valued most was Audrey’s ability to be deeply present, really listen & then to reframe my fears and confusion into more positive messages I could use to go forward. Audrey has the maturity, experience and wisdom to translate the language of the unknown into pathways to action. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone willing to explore the change they wish to make.”

Linda Brosh, RN, Health Care Administrator

“I have worked with Audrey for several months and have found the experience exciting, rewarding, and practical. With her passion for project management and background in engineering, combined with a depth based on years of spiritual work, she has a lot to offer. I see her as a ‘life engineer’, helping her clients to see clearly what arises, and make dreams become real. She has found her path, and is helping me to find mine. I am delighted to recommend her as a coach.”

— Lee Brewster, Information Technology Consultant

“Audrey helped me to clarify and continually move toward my goals with ease, grace and compassion. Through our work, I started to include my whole self in my vision by staying true to my deepest values. Thank you Audrey for your divine wisdom and guidance.”

— Lorraine Platt, Psychotherapist

“I’ve really seen my life come together so much the last 3 years, and the groundwork that Audrey helped me build was definitely a spark that found some still-smoldering embers of what had always been burning–lighting other pieces of charcoal that I thought had burned out.  As a 66 year old therapist, I’ve truly discovered that so many disparate paths in my life–once seemingly disjointed, are now coming together.

“Although not ‘religious’…Audrey respected and spoke the various languages I have used…to help me recapture the meaning I once heard in my childhood faith that reminded me of vocation–as in being called.

“Audrey has helped me hear that Call.”

Tina Alston PhD, Psychotherapist

Rich Tafel“Audrey has the unusual skill set of world changing visionary matched to the practical skills to make things happen. If you are looking for a coach in True Purpose work, Audrey is a leader in the field.”

Rich Tafel, President Public Squared

Consulting/Training Client Testimonials

Andy Swindler“Audrey’s expertise to guide a group or organization to name their higher purpose is second to none. This methodology (TPI) is unique in how deep it goes to reveal the purpose that exists energetically rather than feeling like another corporate brainstorming activity. The benefit is a truly inspiring and intrinsically motivating purpose that feels ‘right’ to everyone involved. I’m grateful to have learned so much from Audrey over the years and for her to lead our team in this purpose discovery that is guiding our intentions, strategies, and outcomes. Her patience and compassion ensure that you will work through resistance and get to the finish line.”

Andy Swindler, Chief Empathy Officer & Social Learning Technologist

Ginnie McDevitt Vistage Chair“I first learned that Audrey was a high caliber trainer when I signed up for a course at the True Purpose Institute. I immediately hired her to be one of the presenters at my next Vistage Retreat, where she received great reviews. Audrey brings a strong clear presence and an engaging warmth to the front of the room. One of the things I appreciate about her facilitation style is how she adapts in the moment to the needs of the students while still meeting the course objectives and time boundaries. She’s a powerhouse!”

Ginnie McDevitt, Vistage CEO Coach, Facilitator and Business Consultant

Dean Dr. Geisce Ly“Audrey’s expertise was well-suited to our needs.  In our one-day training, she got us to start having the conversations that we needed to have, and it was rewarding to see the level of engagement and participation from the group.  I found the exercises to be extremely helpful, and by the end of the day our team of over 30 administrators had aligned on three bold initiatives.”

Dr. Geisce Ly, Dean of Downtown Center, City College of San Francisco

Christine Doan“We have a 125 acre mixed-use sustainable development in Far North Queensland, and we were looking for a more precise understanding of our purpose plus how to articulate it in the marketplace. We also wanted to ensure that we walked our talk and increased our capacity to work in collaboration.  Audrey got us inspired and excited, raising valuable questions for us to think about.

“I appreciate how carefully she guided us through our concerns and fears and kept us on track, so the process unfolded very beautifully. She created a lovely space that combined our heads and hearts.  Nothing has succeeded at bringing us into alignment the way this process has.  We are so grateful – it was absolutely huge.  We didn’t imagine the enormous impact learning and articulating the components of our purpose would give us.  We now see the end goal and the path forward is clear.

“Not only have we continued to use the skills and insights learnt from Audrey, but I was so thrilled with my introduction to the application of this purpose work to a real-life situation that I subsequently took the training course to become a purpose coach myself.

“There is no one that I would recommend more highly than Audrey.  She is amazing in her work around purpose.  But her general business coaching skills are characterised by the same strengths that she exhibits in purpose work:  laser focus, a constant combination of high cognitive input and an overall hearfeltness that pervades her work, that interesting ability to push forward at warp speed when everyone is ready and to slow right down when her exquisite sensibility feels it is time for a pause, and a delightful, infectious love of this work.”

Christine Doan, Founder, Malanda North; and President, Atherton Tablelands Chamber of Commerce

Lee Glickstein Speaking Circles“Audrey was a godsend to Speaking Circles International. When she started, we were essentially a family-style organization. She built a solid foundation enabling us to grow into a thriving efficient business in a way that seemed effortless.  Audrey designed multiple systems to streamline our operations and marketing efforts, rebranded our business, rebuilt the website, and designed certification and continuing education programs for our facilitators.  She taught us how to handle challenging conversations and keep all the stakeholders engaged. As a result, we are well positioned to keep growing, and many of our courses are regularly waitlisted.”

Lee Glickstein, Founder and President Speaking Circles International

Tim Kelley“Audrey has provided extraordinary value as a consultant and trainer. Her work is impeccable, her manner engaging and professional, and she has a deep understanding of what makes people and organizations tick. She has my strongest recommendation to leaders who are seeking to create new paradigm organizations and to people who are seeking to transform themselves into better leaders.”

Tim Kelley, Founder True Purpose Institute and Management Consultant

“Working with Audrey to clarify our values and direction has given our collective of eight members an inspiring new energy! She kept us very on track, supported us entirely and generously, to come together and take what seemed like an overwhelming job and bring it into inspiring focus. We could never have gotten there on our own. Now, we all are clear about our respective roles within our group, as well as our collective message and mission for the community.”

Sara Harris, MFT, EarthWays Member

“Audrey has an exceptional way of listening to the heart of whatever is being communicated. She can transform ideas into specific action plans and guide people to their desired goals. Her clarity, support, and enthusiasm add great value to anyone who has the good fortune to work with her.”

Doreen Hamilton PhD, Training Director Speaking Circles International

“Audrey joined my team when I was struggling to manage a software project that had been stalled for months, due to constant friction and dominance battles between some of the developers. Audrey’s leadership and interpersonal skills were essential to turn this project around and bring it to successful completion. She has a unique ability to tune in to group psychological dynamics and to reshape them toward a common purpose. By actively listening to team members’ concerns, she gained their respect and trust, so they were able to learn to work together productively.”

Kevin McLoughlin, former Director, UI Development at Gene Logic [where Audrey was a software development manager and lead engineer]