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– Audrey

Audrey Seymour

I was deeply stuck at a career crossroads when I started working with Audrey. By the time we finished I had absolute clarity on the direction I wanted to take my career, in a way that didn’t feel possible before we started. We dug in to so much more in our sessions, helping me find strengths I’d been searching for for many years that had been elusively invisible to me. I recommend her without reservation!

Chris Pryor
Senior User Experience Designer

In our one-day training, Audrey got us to start having the conversations that we needed to have, and it was rewarding to see the level of engagement and participation from the group. …by the end of the day our team of over 30 administrators had aligned on three bold initiatives.

Dr. Geisce Ly
Dean of Downtown Center, City College of San Francisco

Audrey Seymour transformed my life. Two years ago I was miserable at a startup company. My work/life balance was off, my pay was awful, and I was not living within my life’s purpose.

Today, I am now an inventor who is paid to do what I love. My peers respect me, I have ample room for spiritual reflection and travel, and I regularly meet with major companies to consult with them on invention and computers.

I encourage you to contact Audrey without hesitation.

Brad Neuberg
Inventor and Software Engineer

Beth Scanzani’s graceful presence belies the incredible depth of her knowledge and experience as a master coach. I find her teachings to be immediately applicable and accompanied by a depth of discovery that reveals new insights over time. I look forward to my next class with Beth and would recommend her to anyone looking to cut through the noise and get to the truth!

Andy Swindler
Founder Lead From Love, Purpose and Leadership coach

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