Inner Harmony

Do You Need the Gift of Your Purpose?

Are you able to pursue your purpose? Do old wounds interfere with the fulfillment of your most purposeful path? If so, it's likely you find yourself spending significant resources and energy to heal those wounds, so you won’t get triggered by them. If this is true...

Give Yourself the Gift of Your Own Purpose

Clear the Path to Living Your Purpose

What stops you from living the truth of your calling? When you feel the tug of a calling, it’s common to have a part of you tell you that you are not “good enough” to pursue your purpose or that it’s not safe to live it. This creates an inner push-pull between...

Clear the Path to Living Your Purpose

Reflection and Re-emergence

A common theme I’ve been hearing lately is a sense of re-emergence as we start to return to almost normal as the coronavirus numbers go down. It’s like the start of a new year, but on a bigger scale. What has shifted for you and who you are becoming? It would be...

Reflection and Re-emergence

Are You in Alignment With Yourself?

Do you ever notice a feeling of being out of alignment with yourself? It can catch you unawares as you get more and more involved in your busy day, responding to external needs. And, there’s a cost when you act in a way that’s out of touch with what matters most,...

inner alignment

Is Your Inner Perfectionist Out of Control?

We all have an inner perfectionist inside us. The question is, is your perfectionist in balance with your authentic self, or does it rule your life? Here are a few indicators that your perfectionist is out of control: • When preparing for a presentation, you...

Am I Good Enough