Clients and Testimonials

Our clients are mission-based leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations. To learn about our clients and the results they report, you are welcome to browse these links:

Testimonials from Audrey’s Coaching Clients

Testimonials from Audrey’s Consulting/Training Clients

Testimonials from Beth’s Clients

Testimonials from David’s Clients

Partial Client List

Our programs are for you, if you know in your heart that you are meant to contribute to a better world, either individually or through an organization. You find that financial rewards and success are not satisfying enough, because there is more you are called to do. It’s time to expand your impact and  to touch many more lives. Yet, the way forward continues to bring challenges.

These are the kinds of challenges our clients face and we resolve:

  • Lack of clear purpose and path
    • You’re facing burnout in a job that no longer fits you
    • You long for greater meaning and a sense of purpose in your career
    • Your company’s stated mission doesn’t inspire anyone
  • Lack of alignment
    • Fears, doubts and stressful beliefs keep you from taking clear directed action
    • Conflicting agendas create a push-pull between a new direction and the status quo
    • Success and meaning don’t seem compatible

Partial Client List