Purpose Impact: To help those who feel lost find their way home.
Global Mission: To awaken humanity one dream at a time.

Beth Scanzani is a highly respected and multi-faceted master certified career coach and consultant. A lifelong student and curious soul, Beth has assimilated a wealth of knowledge, resources, and strategies that draw upon a wide range of psychological, scientific, and spiritual teachings.

Beth has numerous coaching certifications including True Purpose Coach™, Dream Coach™, iPEC Empowerment Coach™, Energy Leadership™, Soul Therapy™, and Theoretical Foundations of Coaching with David Rock. In addition, she is a trained practitioner for Voice Dialogue™, Belief Closet ™, Intuitive Mastery™, EFT, HeartMath™ and a Certified Master Career Consultant (CPI). Beth also serves as a valued guide for those who wish to explore deeper meaning, insight and guidance through their sleeping dreams and waking life stories.

As a member of the teacher and leader teams at the True Purpose® Institute, Beth has co-developed and/or co-taught a number of teleseminars including Inner Harmony and Voice Dialogue Practitioner Trainings. Through her work as a teacher and coach, Beth demonstrates her dedication to providing transformative workshops and coaching in service to those who are ready to reclaim their inner wisdom, life purpose and true nature so they may wholly offer their unique gifts to others…and to the world we all share.

Prior to starting her private practice in 2006, Beth spent over 30 years in Human Resources in the high tech and health care industries, culminating in a Chief Human Resources Officer role. Today, Beth has created her own dream life in a small artsy town overlooking the ocean in Rockport, Massachusetts.

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Client Testimonials

“Beth Scanzani’s graceful presence belies the incredible depth of her knowledge and experience as a master coach. I find her teachings to be immediately applicable and accompanied by a depth of discovery that reveals new insights over time. I look forward to my next class with Beth and would recommend her to anyone looking to cut through the noise and get to the truth!”

Andy Swindler, Founder Lead From Love, Purpose and Leadership coach

“Beth is a true professional, and a very intuitive coach. Beth was able to keep me on track, and cut through my resistance, enabling me to get to my core passions.  Beth guided me on a transformational experience that enabled me to find my life purpose and a mission that truly inspires me to get up in the morning. Never would I have imagined that from a background of high tech and sales I’d be launching a business called Sacred Visions based on my on my passion in photography. Beth was truly a delight to work with. Thanks Beth!”

Ben Savoie, Professional Photographer

“Beth’s keen insight and deep intuitive sense were instrumental in supporting me as I journeyed through the purpose work. I am in much greater alignment with my purpose and am able to make more effective decisions about the direction of my life and work as a result. If you are seeking a process to identify and tap into your unique contribution in this life and a coach to guide the way, I would highly recommend Beth.”
Sherry Dutra, Leadership, Small Business and Career Transition Coach

“Beth is a gifted facilitator! She listens to my thoughts so lovingly. Purpose work is a delicate subject, and she handles it with delicacy, respect, and grace. Her efforts have helped me see more clearly, get more focused, and enjoy exploring all the new avenues open to me. This is truly work of the heart, and Beth is a delight to work with, a gentle breath of inspiration!”

John Montenigro, John Montenigro Coaching and Consulting, LLC

“Working with Beth Scanzani was fun, inspiring and effortless.  She guided me through the True Purpose(tm) process in a clear and direct way, providing guidance and insights as we went along. Her ability to ask what seem like simple questions helped me gain deeper understanding of my barriers to embracing the purpose work I intended to do. She remembered whatever I said and brought up comments I’d made early in the process much later, when they were exactly the right thing to say to help me understand and move forward to completing the steps of the True Purpose work. She remained calm and supportive throughout the entire process. I recommend her highly as a True Purpose coach.”

Carolyn Long, International Development Consultant

“I have known Beth Scanzani for many years professionally. She is a person who gives a tremendous effort in all her endeavors. She brought to our coaching session, through her calm and soothing voice, an uncanny ability to interpret disparate pieces of information, as well as highlight and clarify essential areas for exploration and action. Beth then helped me move forward with a strategy that was clear, well-stated and true to the spirit of my goal of self-discovery.”
— Andrea Costello, Managing Partner, Beclyn Group Recruiting