Sales and Fee-Setting Training

Transformational Fee Setting:
Are You Charging What You’re Worth?

offered by the True Purpose Institute

This class is for you if you are a service-based entrepreneur and aren’t making the level of income you want for the quality of work that you do.

There are lots of programs on marketing and selling, but not many on how to determine the best fee structure for your services, have successful sales conversations or how to ask for what you’re worth.  As a result, many service professionals feel uncomfortable and uneasy when it comes to quoting their fees, feel pressured to discount their services or even avoid sales conversations.

If you know you’re meant to share your gifts in a bigger way and you’re ready to receive greater rewards for the value you deliver,  We invite you to join two master coaches that are mentors of ours – Jeffrey Van Dyk and Elizabeth Marshall.

Jeffrey is a leader in the coaching industry who has helped hundreds of people around the world find their higher purpose.  He is on a mission to heal the ache of those who are meant to change the world.  Jeffrey has nearly two decades of experience in training and development, having worked in high tech before becoming a coach.  While at Microsoft, Jeffrey worked personally with leaders including Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, Ariel Sharon and Jacques Chirac.  Jeffrey is on faculty at Tim Kelley’s True Purpose Institute and Marcia Wieder’s Dream Coach University.

Elizabeth Marshall is a marketing strategist and agent of connection for many of the most respected, influential thought leaders, including Tim Kelley, author of True Purpose and founder of the True Purpose Institute.  As the founder of AuthorTeleseminars.com, she’s not only designed virtual book tours for many bestselling authors, such as Seth Godin and Michael Port, and worked with hundreds of leaders to help them spread their message, sell their books and build a purposeful and powerful following for their work.

Date/Time: The next date for the course is TBD.
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On the first no-fee call, you’ll learn how the traditional time-for-dollar model may be holding you back from raising your rates and severely limiting your income.  Then you’ll learn how you can deliver even more value to your clients than you’re currently doing now.  You’ll also discover how to identify and pinpoint some of the beliefs, fears and internal resistance that may be preventing you from charging what you’re worth.

This call is different from normal no-fee teleclasses because it is actually the first call in a 5-part teleseminar called Transformational Fee-Setting, which Jeffrey and Elizabeth will be leading during February.  That means you will not only gain specific knowledge, skills and insights on how to raise your rates, but you’ll get to experience how this course can dramatically improve your ability to quote your rate and structure your services in the best, most effective way.  At the same time, there is absolutely no obligation to continue with the rest of the course.

This course will help you understand a variety of business models and how to choose the right one(s) for your services.  Much more importantly, it will give you specific steps towards increasing your confidence about your value in the marketplace – the internal personal growth work that’s directly tied to your ability to ask for and receive higher fees.

After attending the first call, if you want more and decide to continue on in the course, you will:

  • Learn 5 powerful business models, along with when, why and how to use each one
  • Learn 2 methods for clearing the fears and limiting beliefs that block you from charging what you’re worth
  • Choose the business model(s) that are most purposeful for you
  • Practice the “rate setting conversation” with buddies and in supervised “working calls” so that you can get instant feedback and grow in your sales conversation purposefulness and mastery

When you sell from a place of inner and outer alignment, your sales conversations are much more compelling, you will draw those you’re meant to work with, and you will be able to charge for your true value.

From personal experience studying with both Jeffrey and Elizabeth, we know you will receive great and lasting value  from listening to them, whether or not you decide to take the rest of the course.

If this message doesn’t speak to you, this course probably isn’t for you.  But if you’re feeling curious, nervous or excited, this is likely to be a very important next step for you.  If you’d like to be notified when the next class is scheduled through the True Purpose Institute, just contact us to get on the list.