True Purpose® Coach Training

Connect Your Individual Clients to Their Inner Wisdom and Purpose

Are you a change agent who wants to contribute to the paradigm shift emerging in the world today? Does the idea of helping your clients find their higher purpose resonate with you, transforming them so they can transform the world?

This advanced coach training program is for you if you:

  • Are a practitioner serving clients on personal issues (for example: a coach, therapist, career counselor, spiritual advisor, hospice worker, HR professional, or pastor)
  • Have at least a couple of years experience working with clients
  • Have a sense of your purpose and inner guidance
  • Want to add Tim Kelley’s True Purpose® coaching methodology to your private practice

True Purpose Life Purpose Book by Tim KelleyTrue Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make is Tim Kelley’s groundbreaking book. This book plus Tim’s guided meditation CD are study materials for your clients as part of the True Purpose program you will be trained to deliver. As an introduction, we invite you to download a free chapter of Tim’s book.

With this training you will receive all of the following:

  • 12 weekly Zoom video conference meetings with downloadable audio archives
  • 12 weekly video mastermind meetings
  • A dedicated practice buddy or triad for the duration of the course, unless you choose the private format
  • Three different methods for clearing your clients’ fears and limiting beliefs
  • Five different methods for finding your clients’ life purpose
  • 30 different criteria for validating any connection with a trusted source of higher guidance
  • 10 different tests for verifying the accuracy of purpose statements
  • A deeper understanding of your own life purpose
  • A verbal communication channel with your higher guidance
  • A complete manual of every technique, method and step in the process
  • A True Purpose process worksheet to capture talking points and client homework for each session from your course notes
  • Handouts to use with your clients
  • Your copy of Tim Kelley’s book True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make
  • Tim’s newly updated True Purpose Meditation set (three downloadable audios for your personal use)

When you complete the training you will also receive:

  • A license to use this process with your one-on-one coaching clients as a trained True Purpose® coach
  • Steep discounts on books and meditation audios to sell to your clients
  • Periodic client leads and opportunities to assist in True Purpose® Institute programs
  • Eligibility to enter the True Purpose® Coach Certification Program to become a Certified True Purpose® Coach

True Purpose Feedback

This process, the one that you are taught and experience in this training, is a gem and I can’t wait to introduce it to the clients that come to me to discover their true purpose and make a difference in the world.


Fiona Miller
Live Your Truth Expert

I am now confident about my mission and message and the BIG WHY which has had me confused for some time. The course is magnificent and would recommend to anyone who want to enable others to be who they are congruently and passionately. I learned that it is not just about the knowing is it more about our being and aligning this to our truth.


Reeny Carvotta Barron
Spiritual Life Coach Heart of Business Mentor

I took the True Purpose® Coach Training with Audrey so I could be certified as a Purpose Coach. As such, I would be able to use the work for organizational and business change. Working with Audrey was very synchronistic. She’s a great teacher and coach. She is to the point, without being harsh. I learned more about the work I am doing in the world, simply by being in relationship with her. I have much more clarity about what it is that I do for my clients at the heart of it. I love this work and I’m excited about bringing it to more people!


Ebonni Bryant
Carrier, Bryant NE

The training was exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. I learned to trust my intuition more, and how to precisely shape the purpose work I do with clients with more tools. This work really enhances what I was doing. It was perfect timing as I was relaunching myself at the time. Audrey is masterful as a trainer and coach. The way she held the group allowed us to unfold in our own process yet she still kept us totally on track. I am very thankful for the training!


Ryan Rigoli
Soulful Brand

I loved Audrey’s structured approach and deep understanding of the True Purpose® work. She is supportive, and adapts to her client’s best learning pattern very patiently. True Purpose® Coaching compliments my Business and Leadership Coaching work, and has become a major addition to my toolbox for helping clients achieve fulfillment in business and life.


Nkem Mpamah
Cognition Global Concepts Founder and Coach

Audrey’s guidance during the True Purpose® Coach Training greatly enhanced the value I received from the program. Doubling as our small group facilitator, she consistently brought us back to the tasks at hand with respect and grace. As a result of the training I have been able to refine my work in greater alignment with my life’s purpose.


Roberta Ryan
CPCC, Business Coach


The True Purpose®Coach Training is offered in a few formats:
  • Private Individual or Group Trainings Customized trainings are available for you or your private group, and we also are happy to pair you up with other students seeking a semi-private training. For more information about this option, please Contact Us.
  • Public Group Trainings We normally offer this annually in February through the True Purpose Institute. For more information about future public trainings please contact us.

This extraordinary program is much more than a vocational training; it is a profound, life-transforming process. It is designed for those who are serious about increasing their impact in the world through helping other change agents learn their higher purpose in full living detail.

Contact us to learn more about joining our community of True Purpose coaches if you are called!