Parts of the Psyche

Don’t Try to Get Rid of the Inner Critic!

Have you noticed that trying to get rid of the inner critic never works? It just goes underground and pops up in the most inconvenient times. Imagine instead having a heartfelt conversation with your inner critic. If you go in with open curiosity, you might find...

Don't try to get rid of the inner critic!

How to Catch That Purposeful Flow

Living in alignment with your purposeful flow feels fabulous – it’s a place of deep authenticity, passion, power and meaning. When you’re living your higher purpose, what you’re doing and allowing yourself to be is much more fulfilling than anything else, and...

Flowing River

Do You Need Self-Love?

When was the last time you sent some love your way? It’s a common predicament, including those who consider themselves a loving person, to neglect giving that compassionate love to yourself. When you’re the last person to receive your own love, it creates a painful...

Love Yourself

How to Regain Center When You Are Triggered

With the amount of polarization and the pandemic going on these days, there is no shortage of opportunity to get reactive. And when you are caught in reactivity, the perceived threat (real or imagined) takes you out of your neocortex and into your reptilian brain,...

Who am I taking myself to be?

Do You Need the Gift of Your Purpose?

Are you able to pursue your purpose? Do old wounds interfere with the fulfillment of your most purposeful path? If so, it's likely you find yourself spending significant resources and energy to heal those wounds, so you won’t get triggered by them. If this is true...

Give Yourself the Gift of Your Own Purpose

Clear the Path to Living Your Purpose

What stops you from living the truth of your calling? When you feel the tug of a calling, it’s common to have a part of you tell you that you are not “good enough” to pursue your purpose or that it’s not safe to live it. This creates an inner push-pull between...

Clear the Path to Living Your Purpose