Brain Science

The Brain Science of One Thing at a Time

One thing. At... a... time. What happens for you when you hear that phrase? Do you take in a breath and feel relief at the permission to do just that? Or when you try to slow down do you feel anxiety and even more pressure? If you are not feeling overwhelmed by the...

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The Truth at the Heart of Polarization

For many of us as change agents who tend to have a preference for harmony and idealize a world without conflict, the increasing amounts of polarization we are witnessing today are distressing. Yet if we are to respect the fact that, without exception, uncomfortable...

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Rewire Your Brain by Taking In the Good

Have you noticed that positive experiences seem more fleeting than negative experiences? You may have a fabulous vacation or give the most brilliant speech and get rave reviews, but the next day find that your mood has deflated. On the other hand, when you make a...

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