Do you have access to your inner wisdom to guide you on your path? Regularly connecting with a trusted source of inner wisdom brings you the clarity of purpose and inner/outer alignment that leads to much greater fulfillment and impact.

There are three places to look for a trusted source. Perhaps the easiest source is something that feels inside of you, such as your intuition or “wise self.” Another category is for those who have a world view that something outside of you would know everyone’s purpose, and common names for this would be “the Universe” or “God.” The third category is another option if your world view includes something personal to you that feels outside of you, such as a guardian angel or a deceased relative who appears in your dreams.

Identifying a trusted source of inner wisdom is just the first step. Typically, the next step involves addressing all the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs about connecting with a trusted source.

For example, you might fear that you would have to act on every element of the guidance you receive. You might worry that following the purpose and path you receive would not provide enough income to handle your financial needs and desires. Another typical fear is that you couldn’t succeed at the path and purpose you receive from your inner wisdom.

This inner work to clear the path in front of you and live your purpose usually takes a significant amount of time. For more details about one approach to the clearing process, see Clear the Path to Living Your Purpose.

However, there is a shortcut available that uses brain science to connect with your inner wisdom, developed by Gina Maria Mele. This work moves you out of the part of your brain that holds the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs, and into the part of your brain that has access to your innate wisdom. I’ve had great success with this method, both for myself and my clients.

I’ll give a brief introduction here, and to gain full knowledge about how to use this approach, see QuickConnect.

First, identify the questions you’d like to inquire into.

Then, find a time and place where you’ll be uninterrupted for about ½ hour. Next, initiate a meditative state with your favorite technique, such as following your breath. When you feel relaxed and at peace, look back at your life and find a memory that fills you with great love and happiness – it could even be the best day of your life, although that’s not necessary.

As you reflect on that memory, notice the impact it has on your body. Where in your body does that great love and happiness reside? Settle your attention on that place in your body, feeling the love and happiness.

Next, start to expand that feeling until it fills your entire body. Amplify the feeling until your body is so full that the energy of it overflows like a fountain over your body.

In this state of overflowing love and happiness, ask your questions and capture any information that you receive, no matter how unusual it may seem at the time. Then, as you feel ready, complete your inquiry. Be sure to give yourself some time to reflect on what you receive!

I welcome your questions, and again, for the full knowledge in how to use this approach, see QuickConnect.