Marketing & Branding

Marketing That Speaks From the Soul

As a change agent you need to express your ideas in a way that inspires others to take heartfelt action, whether purchasing your services, funding your invention or signing a petition to change the way things are done. How do you touch the hearts and souls of those...

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How to Use Words to Stimulate Action

I love words. I hate words. Words can get you attention, develop interest and build trust or they can alienate your prospects, cause confusion and push them away from ever doing business with you. I'm talking about WORDS today! Words have impact. They trigger...

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The Power of a Personal Story

Imagine attending a lecture titled "People, Planet and Profit: The New Business Paradigm." The lecturer has beautiful charts and graphs, describing technical points to get her ideas across. The event is brilliant and informative. Then, fade to black and shift to a...

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