Do you feel that something is missing in your professional life? Is there a pressure or a fear that you don’t have it quite right? It could be as significant as feeling you’re in the wrong line of work, or as simple as knowing you need the courage to amplify your voice in the world to fulfill your life work. We all long to make a contribution that is received, to make a difference in the world.

If you are called to help our society find new ways of operating to improve the world around you, then you’ll be moving into uncharted territory. If the task feels daunting, it can take some time to clarify the specific details of your unique piece of the puzzle.

The way to resolve this dilemma is to get curious about what aspect of your life purpose is not yet actualized.

What you need to understand in order to manifest your life work is the innate impact that you have on everyone around you. You may not recognize your impact yet, but it’s happened your entire life without any conscious effort on your part. And, doing so has always brought you great joy when you’re in the flow of it.

When you reflect on different friends and colleagues you spend time with, you’ll recognize that each one impacts you and changes you in a different way. Some leave you feeling inspired, or sharpen your clarity, others always bring love into your heart, and some make you feel safe and held.

The innate impact you have on others just by being yourself, is the “essential doing” aspect of your life purpose. In fact, you can’t help but transform others in your environment in this way!

The magical element about this aspect of your purpose is that it contains within it all the exact elements of the most purposeful business or career possible for you.

Here’s how it works.

A client I’ll call Jeff came to me seeking a new business direction. He believed his work counseling men with violent tendencies was very important in the world, and he found it personally rewarding in the day-to-day aspect.

However, Jeff was facing a huge burn-out factor, feeling that very little progress was being made, and funding was hard to sustain. At a dead end and not knowing where to turn, he was still not willing to give up his powerful vision of disadvantaged men learning healthy ways to express their anger.

Once we asked the right questions, he found that his innate impact was to bring peace and wholeness to those who are in conflict. Reflecting on his past, Jeff realized that growing up he always was the peacemaker in his family. Among his childhood friends he facilitated acceptance, showing them how together their individual pieces made a whole. In high school he had friends in diverse groups rather than keeping to a particular clique.

Jeff learned that those who needed his gifts were not at peace with themselves because they felt they had to wear a public mask to hide their feelings. In contrast, once people received the blessing of his gift, they were at peace with who they really were. As they learned to accept themselves, they gained the capacity to see others with loving acceptance.

One of the aspects to Jeff’s innate impact was that he always had a way of explaining the truth that was so simple it couldn’t be denied. And, his life mission was to help create brotherhood among all men and safety for all women.

In learning these details about his purpose from his inner wisdom, Jeff was profoundly re-inspired. I’m feeling moved just retelling his story!

With this clarification and emotional contact with his purpose and mission, Jeff was able to focus his attention where it mattered the most and drop the programs that were not working. Perhaps most importantly, he learned how to speak about his work in a passionate soul-to-soul way for those most in need of his gifts.

Imagine knowing your purpose at this level of detail and speaking directly to the heart and soul of those you are meant to serve. They know how important your offering or proposal is, and are thrilled to purchase or support it. This result happens all the time when you have the courage to tell the truth about your unique impact.

Are you ready to claim your voice in this way? All it takes is to ask the right questions and listen to what you hear.