Do you ever notice a feeling of being out of alignment with yourself? It can catch you unawares as you get more and more involved in your busy day, responding to external needs. And, there’s a cost when you act in a way that’s out of touch with what matters most, because your daily decisions are not made from your inner truth.

What’s needed is a simple quick way of staying in touch with yourself that you can return to throughout your day.

Take a moment right now. Take a few deep breaths to slow the world down. What’s happening in your heart, mind and gut? Notice them without trying to change anything. What’s the relationship between your heart and your mind, your heart and your gut, and your mind and your gut? Are they in alignment with each other or disconnected from each other?

Then, again without trying to change anything, simply create space to listen to each one of those energy centers to see what they might need. You are likely to find that simply listening has a transformative effect on your heart, mind and gut. As you navigate your day, jot down any new insights you receive about your true priorities.

Listening is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself – and it can take as little as 5 minutes in the midst of your busy day. In service to greater self-understanding and alignment, set an alert that will remind you to stop and check in with yourself.

And the next time you feel out of alignment, just stop………….

and listen to the wealth of information available from your heart, mind and gut.