Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training

Offered by the Shift Network
Led by Tim Kelley, founder of the True Purpose Institute

with assistant coach-facilitators Audrey Seymour, Beth Scanzani, Tom Rausch and others

Have you ever felt the frustration of working with a client towards a bold goal, then uncovering a level of resistance that keeps them from allowing you to do what they hired you to do? It often feels like the person who hired you has taken a back seat to a part of their psyche that is working towards the exact opposite agenda.

Imagine being able to help your client communicate and negotiate with different aspects of their subconscious, to build the inner alignment they need to achieve their audacious objectives to build a better world.

Each of us contains a collection of selves, not just a single self. These inner selves are constantly present, influencing our relationships, our work, our feelings, and our results. They are the building blocks of our personality, yet operate largely unnoticed. A fully aware ego can consult them, influence them, and learn to access their wisdom, skills and powers.

Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training, originally developed by Jungian analysts Hal and Sidra Stone, is for you if you are a service-based entrepreneur who wants to help your clients understand and align the conflicting motivators within their psyches. A combination of lecture and experiential training will take you on a journey to explore the vast array of inner voices for yourself and your clients.

Join Tim Kelley and a powerful team of assistant coach-facilitators for a profound and illuminating exploration of the inner Universe through the amazing tool of Voice Dialogue. People who practice and master Voice Dialogue Facilitation experience the ability to:

  • Perceive and influence the underlying dynamics in any relationship, work or personal
  • Greatly expand their range of available skills and options
  • Deeply understand and influence the most basic aspects of their personality
  • Explore the vast inner territory of the selves
  • Move beyond limited, either-or thinking to a world of win-win

This extraordinary 5-month program is much more than a workshop; it is a profound, life-transforming process. In addition, it trains you to facilitate Voice Dialogue with others! You will receive:

  • Weekly 1.5-hour teleseminar calls (recorded)
  • Weekly practice calls facilitated by trained Voice Dialogue facilitators
  • An online discussion forum to communicate with other participants and course facilitators

NOTE: This program is generally offered every two years. Contact us if you’d like to be informed when the next class is scheduled.

This is a transformative experience for those who are serious about becoming expanded, powerful beings in their lives. It is a training program for those who wish to deeply understand and influence the people in their lives. Join us if you are called!