Do you believe that you’re meant to catalyze change, within your community and potentially beyond?

Perhaps you feel a nudge to write a book, make a film, speak in front of large groups, or explore another way of reaching and impacting a larger audience. If so, you are probably called to be a messenger – someone meant to share specific wisdom with the world.

Yet even if you long to fulfill that calling there can be parts of yourself with doubts and fears that hold you back. The feeling may be like an inner push-pull, or confusion about how to proceed. These layers of reluctance likely cause your wisdom message to be unclear and lacking in the truth of what you are meant to share with the world.

How do you resolve this inner conflict and liberate your inner truth in service to the world?

The first place to start is to manage the doubts and fears blocking your natural flow. List them out in full detail to turn the vague sense of danger into specific tangible outcomes to avoid. For each one, brainstorm actions you can take and commitments you can make to prevent undesired outcomes.

For example, if you feel apprehension about being visible to a larger audience, you might make an agreement with yourself to take reasonable professional risks one step at a time as you expand your community and audience. You might attend Speaking Circles® to gain more ease in front of groups.

If you worry about misusing power, you might start a daily practice of touching into your heart and humility and feeling the hearts of those you are serving.

Once you’ve handled this risk management phase, then tune in to the visionary part of yourself that is calling you forward. Imagine your future self, the one that is already living the dream of sharing your wisdom on a larger scale. Flesh out a full vision of what this looks like, feels like, sounds like.

After you write this vision, read it to yourself and take the energy of that vision deep within yourself. Imagine letting the energy expand until it fills your entire body and overflows your body.

From this expanded place, ask yourself what actions you need to take to make it real. Write out your vision manifestation plan at whatever level of detail feels right at this time. One easy way to start is to outline your vision, the mission that calls you, the strategy you’ll use to fulfill that mission, and actions steps you’ll need to execute that strategy.

Over time, new fears and concerns are likely to arise, so you can create additional agreements with yourself and then revisit your vision from an even more expanded place.

I welcome your comments and questions, and let me know how it goes!