Are you able to pursue your purpose?

Do old wounds interfere with the fulfillment of your most purposeful path? If so, it’s likely you find yourself spending significant resources and energy to heal those wounds, so you won’t get triggered by them.

If this is true for you, imagine instead having a purpose-directed life, where you feel tremendous inner freedom to fully pursue your heart’s calling. One of the most effective ways to shift to a purpose-directed life is to deliver the gift of your purpose to yourself.

In the True Purpose® method that I use, there are four components of purpose. Your essence is the radiant qualities of being that you embody such as joy, truth, clarity and love. Your gift or purpose impact is how you affect others around you.

The next component is your mission, how you are meant to change the world, and the fourth component is your wisdom message that you are meant to share with the world.

Your purpose impact is the most important aspect of your purpose for healing old wounds. It’s the transformational impact you have on others as you shine the essence of who you are.

You do it without trying, you’ve done it your entire life, and others are drawn to you because of this shift they experience when they’re with you.

For example, you may naturally uplift those in pain and awaken their joy. Or you might evoke clarity for those lost in confusion.

So, apart from serving others with the gift of your purpose, consider what it would mean to use your purpose to heal your own wounds. There are four steps to this exploration.

The first step is to clarify your essence. It’s hard to see your own essence because you always have it with you.

Imagine having a green light strapped to your forehead. The world would have a greenish tint to it, so you would be used to that radiance and be unable to notice it. However, to others, when you walked into a room, they’d see the green color radiating from you.

To discover your essence, you might ask 10 people “What happens when I come into the room? What shows up when I show up?” (This approach is from Hans Phillips of Accomplishment Coaching.) Or, you might hire a True Purpose® coach to connect you to your inner wisdom for a more accurate answer.

Then, consider what impact your essence has on others. You might ask 10 people “What shift do you experience around me? Is it greater clarity, safety, insight, joy, or something else?” Or, again you might hire a True Purpose® coach for the deepest insight and guidance from your inner wisdom.

Next, get curious about how you deliver your impact. For example, if you shift people from fear to love, how do you do that?

Perhaps you have a gift to create a safe loving place for people to relax into. Then you might invite out any young wounded parts of their psyche and gently ask about their fears.

Find out what these parts need, and embrace them from a parenting perspective. Complete the process by holding them in empathy and love.

Finally, imagine what it would be like to deliver this process to yourself. How do you turn your fear about an issue to a state of love?

In this example, create a safe loving place where the your inner critic is not welcome. Take the time to embrace yourself with your loving heart.

Then invite out any wounded parts of yourself that are close to the surface. Find out what they need, and use that information to reparent them. End by holding yourself in empathy and love.

Of course, these transformations don’t happen overnight. With consistency over time, your purposeful path will unfold.

To discover how your own gift works, get curious and notice the impact you have on others, and how you do it. Or again, invite a coach to help you access your inner wisdom to receive the answers you seek.

I welcome your questions and comments, and let me know how it goes at our contact page!