A common theme I’ve been hearing lately is a sense of re-emergence as we start to return to almost normal as the coronavirus numbers go down.

It’s like the start of a new year, but on a bigger scale. What has shifted for you and who you are becoming? It would be easy to adopt the mindset of trying to return things to the way they were before, but don’t do it!

I invite you to take on this simple practice with your head, heart, gut and inner wisdom. You can do it in several minutes, or spend longer if you like. You may simply reflect or take the time to journal on these topics.

Start with your gut. How does your gut feel about the past 15 months? What’s shifted in your gut sense of yourself, and of the world? With this in mind, what new ways of being have been emerging for you?

Then add your heart to the mix. Reflect on where you were 15 months ago compared to now. What has your heart learned about you and the world since then? What is your heart longing for you to do next?

Third, acknowledge the contribution of your mind. What knowledge have you gained about yourself and the world in this timeframe? And where do these new understandings take you?

Finally, what does your sense of inner wisdom and guidance bring to the mix?

Capture your insights and next steps and keep them where you can reflect on them and take action over the next stretch of time. Have fun with this and enjoy the journey!

Additionally, if you feel a clear mismatch between your inner and outer worlds, you are welcome to scroll down to get your purpose alignment score and learn how to bridge the gap.